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Once again, it’s time to enjoy the diverse range of deliciousness the Trinbagonian culinary landscape has to offer. Every year Trinidad & Tobago Restaurant week makes it possible for us, the food loving public, to jump out and enjoy the best T&T restaurant experiences at very tasty prices. This year, is no exception. Seasoned with an eclectic list of participating restaurants and a brand new app (which needs some development, but ah mean, de ting new… it hadda build) TTRW started serving its 2019 offering on Friday 20th September, so we jump out one time!

Destination… Joseph’s; the pride and joy of veteran Chef Joseph Habr, who knows Mediterranean cuisine as intimately as life itself. He lives it and it shows in the quality of his food. Lots of rich flavors, interesting combinations and varied textures create a dining experience that he shares with the help of his daughter in the kitchen, son front of house and an efficient friendly staff. I linked up with muh boy Foodie Run TT’s David Wears, the lovely Marisa Joseph of The Pallet, de bald-head bombshell Zaak from Foodie Adventures with Zaak and the smoke master himself, Peter Lim Choy from Smokey Pete to enjoy some Lebanese magic.

I used the appetizer as an opportunity to get some seafood in via the Shrimp Casserole. An earthy, cracked wheat mixture formed into little cakes shouldered shrimp baked with cherry tomatoes and three cheeses. The nutty cracked wheat contrasted interestingly with the rich, creamy finish of the shrimp, cheese and tomatoes. Great start. Mankind was happy! The Roast Lamb au Jus was my choice for entrée, because a boy jus weak fuh lamb! This lamb was a little less tender than I anticipated, but not disturbingly so as it maintained the juiciness that I guess was created by oven-roasting in Joseph’s signature marinade. This simple dish got interesting for me with the Roast Vegetable Couscous and the Cauliflower Puree. Making the perfect bite brought the meaty lamb, the herbal notes of the couscous and the kinda creamy kinda chunky cauliflower conveniently together on the fork for a wipe in the Rosemary Lamb Jus to tie it all together. The balance of flavor was noteworthy. Nothing overpowering or jumping out at you. Subtle flavors all making a team effort and playing their part to satisfy the taste buds. I appreciate food like that. I guess that’s why I was pleased with my dessert choice. Not being a big dessert fan, I tend not to like sweet food experiences that much. The Plumb and Date Sorbet had a tartness to it that made it a nice, cold, refreshing treat. Served with a few pieces of spiced pears (of which a few went into my G&T, but daz for a different conversation) the sorbet gave the meal a fruity, wholesome ending.

As expected, Joseph’s didn’t disappoint. I’d recommend it to couples looking for a date night kinda vibes; cozy, intimately lit and classy enough that you can put on some fancy dan dan and step out. Plus, use your Republic Cards at Joseph’s and any other TTRW2019 restaurant and get chances to sweeten the meal even more.